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3 Layers Corrugated Packaging Box Wholesale

3 Layers Corrugated Packaging Box Wholesale

3 Layers Corrugated Packaging Box Wholesale
Categories3 Layers Corrugated Carton Boxes
BrandXIN BAO Corrugated Packaging Solutions
Update Time2021-11-28
Detail Information
3 Layers Corrugated Packaging Box Wholesale
1.Professional Grade Quality
Corrugated cardboard are resistant to pressure and moisture. Made with a smooth face layer and neat appearance.The materials used are environmentally friendly and recyclable and safe to use.
2.Shock absorbing cushing 
Corrugated boxes are with two fluted corrugated sheets sandwiched between three liners. 
offering great cushioning effect for all products, protecting their quality
3.Wide Application
Our cartons can be used in almost all spheres of production and consumption, even for shipping or storing baby food
USPS, UPS, FEDEX APPROVED BOXES: Excellent sturdy packing supplies for moving and shipping goods worldwide. 
4.Wide Variety of sizes
Packing boxes in a wide variety of sizes (small, medium, large)
 and shapes (long, tall, cube, letterhead, flat, etc.). everything you need for packaging parcels of any type and complexity, such as void fillers, wrapping kraft paper, gummed and sealing tape and so on.
5.Non-toxic Easy to recycle material
Non-toxic material corrugated boxes are сompletely harmless to humans.
 Corrugated cartons are easy to recycle and to use as secondary raw material for new containers. Completely eco-friendly material
6.Easy To Fold
There are folding marks on the top and bottom covers of one-piece transport case.
 According to the existing folding creases, the box is easy to fold. Our boxes ships folded flat for easy storage saving and you much needed space.
Cartons are as economical and practical as envelopes. They are also ideal for courier delivery. 
You can decorate the transport box according to your preference.
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